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Tips to get your child to brush their teeth

Making children brush their teeth can be a daunting task for parents, especially at night time. As hard as it seems, making your little one brush two times a day for two minutes will go a long way in building a healthy oral cavity.

One of the most essential aspects of engaging children is to make it fun for them. Here are some ways to make brushing fun:

-Have a dance party:

You can play your kid's favorite song while brushing and dance for it. Alternatively, you can sing while he/she brushes. In this way, brushing will not feel like a chore.

-Brush together:

Children learn by seeing and often do what their parents do. Make it a point to brush along with your child sp that it motivates them to brush too.

-Reward the good behaviour:

You can reward your child on brushing his teeth every night such as they get to choose their bedtime story or get to watch their favorite show for half an hour or any such reward which motivates them to brush.

-Set a routine:

Too often parents don't force their kids to the bush at night if they had a hard day or are on vacation. But maintaining discipline and learning to stick to it will only make this habit last a long time.

-Let your child select their toothbrush:

By allowing your children to select their own toothbrush, they will have a sense of ownership and it will also make them more enthusiastic about brushing. Kids brushes have a broad handle for easy grip of small hands, small head for easy access, and are in attractive colors and different character shapes to encourage them to brush.

-Use kids toothpaste:

Adult toothpaste is tangier in taste which children might not like. The kid's toothpaste has a variety of flavors to choose from such as strawberry, bubblegum, raspberry which makes it fun for kids to brush as they enjoy the taste as also they don't get bored due to variety. These toothpaste also have increased fluoride content and hence keep cavities at bay.

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