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Why are my gums bleeding?

Bleeding of gums during brushing and frequent swelling of gums is a sign of unhealthy gums and requires immediate attention which can otherwise lead to severe gum diseases.

Causes of gum bleeding include:


-Improper brushing and/or flossing technique


-Vitamin C deficiency

-Vitamin K deficiency

-Systemic diseases such as diabetes

-Useage of blood thiners




It is the inflammation of gums which is caused due to deposition of plaque at the gumline causing bleeding and swelling of gums.If not treated,it can lead to periodontitis which may cause pulling away of gums from the roots and eventually looseing of teeth and thus tooth loss.


Hormonal changes causes pregnancy gingivitis i.e bleeding and swelling of gums which subsides after pregnancy.

Vitamin C deficiency:

Vitamin C is required for healthy gums, lack of which can lead to a disease called 'Scurvy' which is characterized by severe bleeding of gums, anamia, exhaustion and skin lesions.

Vitamin K deficiency:

Vit K is required for clotting of blood and deficiency of which can lead to bleeding gums and delayed wound healing.

Blood thinners useage:

Similar to Vitamin K deficiency,these medicines inhibit clotting of blood and hence can prolong bleeding time of wounds,causing delay in wound healing.


Research shows that there is a strong association between diabetes and gum diseases. Due to lowered immunity in diabetic individuals, the body is unable to fight off the bacteria in the mouth resulting in gum diseases.

stress causes gum problems

Stress and smoking:

Both of these cause increase in cortisol levels and thus lowering our immunity and causing gingival problems.

Precautions to avoid gum diseases:

-Regular check up and teeth cleaning every 6 months.

-Keep diabetes level in check.

-Intake of vitamin C rich foods such as lemons,amla,oranges.

-Intake of vitamin k rich foods such as spinach,brocolli,caulilower,fish,eggs,kiwi.

-Reduce smoking and eliminate stress.

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