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The best tooth paste for you!

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

There are many tooth paste brands in the market which can make it difficult to choose the best among them. But one point to remember is that all tooth pastes help cavity prevention and not cavity removal.

Toothpaste help in the prevention of plaque and calculus formation by removing the food debris and neutralising the acids which cause calculus formation. All toothpaste brands essentially perform this same task.

The toothpaste brand is not the only factor to prevent decay.

The main factors for cavity prevention and healthy gums are:

- Proper brushing technique

- Brushing twice a day (especially at night)

- Flossing the teeth regularly (which is mostly ignored)

- Rinsing the mouth after each meal.

- Routine dental check-up every 6 months.

-Avoiding aerated drinks and sticky foods.

Factors to consider while choosing a toothpaste:

- Fluoride content- Toothpaste high in fluoride content help in decreasing cavity formation, gingivitis, and plaque. Generally fluoride content should not be less than 1000 ppm.

- Potassium nitrate: Prevents tooth sensitivity and is an active ingredient to look out for people with sensitive teeth.

- Stannous fluoride - Helps prevent sensitivity by blocking dentinal tubules and prevents gingivitis.

- Strontium chloride - Helps in the prevention of sensitivity to a lesser extent.

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