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Happy Wisdom tooth removal:

Wisdom tooth pain can be really intolerable especially if it a long standing decay.

A dental x-ray assists in determining the necessity,degree of infection and tooth destruction and thereby aids in deciding if the tooth has to be removed or not.

Removal of a wisdom tooth may be surgical or non surgical depending upon the position of the tooth.

Sutures are given at the extraction site to fasten the healing process and recovery.

Wound care and suture care following an extraction:

  1. - Do not spit, gargle/rinse or brush your teeth for the next 24 hours post extraction.

  2. - Anaesthesia will wear off by 1 to 3 hours after extraction. Take your pain killers before anaesthesia wears off to prevent pain.

  3. - Give cold compression on the extraction side of the jaw for 15 to 30 minutes immediately after extraction to control bleeding.

  4. - Do not have spicy foods or food that is hot in temperature for one week.Cold,bland and room room temperature foods are preferable.

  5. - A soft diet should be taken to prevent clot dislodgement.

  6. - Swelling might occur within the first 3 days and might take upto a week to subside.

  7. - Give warm compression to the area to decrease the swelling every 2 to 3 hours after 24 hours of extraction.

  8. - Warm salt water gargling should be done after 24 hours for every 2-3 hours to relieve pain and fasten healing.

  9. - Avoid alcohol and smoking for one week as it hinders the healing process.

  10. - Do not drink with a straw for drinking water/fluids.

  11. - If sutures are being placed, it should be removed after a week of surgery.

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