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Why is flossing important?

More often than not we hear patients saying "I brush 3 times a day, rinse my mouth after every meal but still, I'm unable to prevent cavity formation, I don't know what I'm missing out on".

Well, the answer is FLOSSING.

Brush and floss or prepare for loss.
Floss like a boss

Flossing is an integral part of oral hygiene. ADA recommends flossing your teeth daily at least once besides brushing your teeth twice for 2 minutes. But many don't know why flossing can have a huge impact on your gums and overall health.

Here's why:

All teeth in our mouth are placed in a way such that only a point contact exists between the adjacent teeth. This means that a minor space exists below this contact point and above this contact point.

Point contact between the teeth
Proper flossing & Healthy gums

Brushing will help in the removal of food debris and plaque formed on the tooth surface that cannot reach these proximal contact point areas. These areas can only be cleaned by dental floss.

A lot of us skip flossing because it's a cumbersome method (flossing technique) and time taking but flossing has plenty of benefits:

  1. Prevents plaque build-up which if not cleaned may lead to the thriving of harmful bacteria and tartar formation and thus gum disease. Hence flossing prevents gingivitis and periodontitis.

  2. Prevents cavity formation in the proximal areas of teeth which cannot be cleaned by brushing. Sticky food items such as chocolates, peanut bars, and raisins may get trapped in between teeth and lead to cavity formation.

  3. Researchers suggest that harmful bacteria in the gums may lead to cardiovascular diseases by entering the bloodstream. Hence proper flossing can prevent heart diseases.

  4. It can improve your overall smile as it promotes healthy gums.

Many people avoid flossing as it may cause bleeding of gums and painful gingiva. But flossing with proper technique combined with regular flossing can prevent bleeding gums and give you that beautiful smile!

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